Road to Ruin

S2E2: Setting Off for Netheril
  • wil marries rudolfo, coool OMG kawaii blushing etc bridezilla
    • hyrsam gave a sign he was there in spirit, e.g. music on the wind
    • rudolfo can lead a wealthy lifestyle with his lute in terms of money making; he’s already done 3 things during the break, so with the extra earnings he used it to fund the wedding cost
  • wil made progress learning carpentry tools; was given carpentry tools; got armour (breastplate); attuned to archive; added dust of everliving to magic items; wil gave milo’s mind reading necklace to eric; got a viridiso totem
  • For the viridiso area, the inn’s first floor was taken out and the basement was turned into a makeshift viridiso altar. When you check back on the place, there is a healthy growth of moss and flowers along the tree the sprit was trapped in.
    • The viridiso site is closely tethered to the feywild at a location while not exactly a gate there are evidence of traits from the feywild around it ie certain species of flowers growing there and the sightings of pixies. If you had the planeshift spell, maybe you could get to the feywild… but for now, Wil is stuck with communing
  • bought drum, shield, violin bow, reach weapon (halberd) for Ash, battleaxe for wil
  • sold sickle, mushroom bundle (verna), leather armour
  • wil decides to check on curious tide pool from hag cave!!!
    • eric and zook notice wil running back and forth from maloren’s rest, including collecting vials from the druids; he explains the confusing acid pool and invites them to investigate
    • wil tries to stick his arm in it after casting armour of agathys, to no avail
    • zook suggests that a druid or paladin cleric can most likely part liquid
      • wil runs to maloren’s rest and rudely interrupts alan to bring him back to the cave and ask him to do as much
    • there’s a chest in it
    • inside: goggles, mysterious dust
      • zook’s vision immediately distorted when he tries the eyes/goggles on
      • to eric and ash, it looks like zook had put on the thickest, largest glasses, so they laugh at him. what a goof!
      • they whir into the dust; the properties from the powder are very clear to him (poison); CON saving check from inhaling some of it
    • zook acquires these goggles
  • bandaerl/anders offer us quest to investigate netherisi withdrawal following their assault on the border
  • go to eagle peak
    • meet guide (Yohn), long haired, tan skin, has a longbow, greets us with a warm smile
    • before travelling through stonehorns, bc of frigid temperatures as we travel, requests we bring warmclothes + rations, and to travel light, so we buy warmclothes + rations
  • passing, 4 days in, corgi sniffz blood
    • we decide it’s better for us to pursue and get a drop on them than to be ambushed in the middle of the night
    • this leads us to gnoll pack
    • they’re hunting a beast worthy of killing; they don’t attack us immediately, but ask us to prove our worth by hunting it
      bq). The beast’s skins are as red as blood; their eyes glow yellow throughout the night. They are worthy enough to die for our god.
  • the creatures sound familiar to wil/zook and are identified between them as Oni
  • hunt oni down
    • wil sucks @ stealth
    • they attack him
    • he goes darkness bubble
    • they never hit him (BLESSED BE)
    • eric & co catch up
    • eric javelins these fellas
    • wil is doing green flame blade/axe
      • notices they heal, starts doing chill touch
    • zook wands for 6 charges + brings red down real bad
    • red one gaseous forms
    • then ash kills it (stirring up the gaseous form with his halberd??? groce! kewl)
    • zook is attacked by the re-appearing blue oni
    • rudolfo uses cure wounds to heal zook, who backs away from the area
    • blue one manages to flee
  • 483 × 2 = onis
  • 500 eric; 375 RP wil+zook; 250 ash
  • 34 kara-turan silver (identified by wilhelm) w qilin on them for each party member
  • View
    Episode 14
    To the Bramblegate

    The unnamed party rested in shifts around the Duergar encampment. They then left toward the Bramblegate, which Oth and Olly guided them toward, but the deep gnomes themselves split off to go back to their own encampment. Wilhelm doffed his armour and placed it into the caravan, retrieving the spyglass instead.

    Scouting ahead of the party, Wilhelm heard a whistle as an arrow whizzed past. It was Sergor up ahead with a bow, attacking the party again. As the party encroached, Sergor summoned a fire elemental, later revealed to be Pyros.

    The party defeated the two, mostly by charming Pyros. Sergor was still vaguely alive, and the party proceeded to interrogate him. He was essentially in a state of shock and paralyzed, unable to answer anything, and constantly willing against himself in unsuccessful attempts to answer questions.

    Junior then started growling, having noticed a Hag Eye in the distance that had invisible deflection. Wilhelm shot two eldritch blasts, the second of which destroyed it, with a scream, telling the party that they were being scryed upon.

    (Insert information found via interrogation here.)

    The party then took a long rest in shifts before entering the Bramblegate.

    The Search for Graham
    Pt. II

    Following the collapse of the carrion crawlers in the Eveningstar caverns, the two present svirfneblins that had been near by introduced themselves as Olly and Renly. They told the unnamed party that they were scouts that had gotten lost and separated from their party. When Milo asked what the names of the people of their party were named, the two listed off their other members: Oth, Borvich, and Chen.

    Upon inquiry, the party revealed their search for Graham, and the svirfneblin mentioned not having seen him. Just as well, Eric offhandedly mentioned forests, which the svirfneblin had never heard of. He then deceptively toyed with them and said that forests were large groups of animals; Olly said, “oh! There are lots of dangerous forests around here.”

    About to split apart, Wilhelm asked the svirfs if they had friends who knew their way around, to which they responded, “Yeah, these two handsome folk you just missed.” Confused, the party prodded, and the svirfs implied that they were the handsome folks they had mentioned. WIth Eric and Zook sighing, Wilhelm happily joined up, and so the parties when deeper into the tunnel together.

    The party rested, at which point Zook recommended the party send “the abomination” (Rudolfo) away to watch the cart. Continuing on, they came to an area with two pillars and a broken wooden & rope bridge between the pillars and the ledges. Wilhelm, due to his ability to see 120 ft through darkness, was able to see other svirfs across the way. They ended up coming around to the ledge by way of Wilhelm’s Misty Step combined with rope manoeuvring.

    After crossing, Wilhelm examined a pile of recently dead bodies, finding only copper, not Graham or Basha. Milo found a series of stones blocking an area, but noticed something behind it, asking for help. The group started prying rocks off, only to reveal Sergor, returned for a second time as a wight. At the same time, a bone naga came down from the north, and a fight broke out. The bone naga took down three of the svirfs almost immediately, leaving only one from its lightning bolt alive, Oth, but amputating his arm. Oth fled the battle.

    Left only with Eldritch Blast, Wilhelm did minor damage during the fight. Zook was able to summon a fiery sphere and firebolt. Eric ended up delivering the final blow to both Sergor and the bone naga.

    Following the fight, the party stopped for a brief rest, with Oth having passed out from shock and trauma. Wilhelm found gold and silver in the abandoned encampment. Eric found a long sword on Sergor, as well as a Viridiso totem.

    Pages Needed


    • Viridiso Innkeeper/Alan Longriver
    • Basha
    • Oth
    • Olly


    • Anshari
    • Ostar Family
    • Eveningstar Hobgoblins
    • Kyrathians
    • Coven of Hags (“Viridiso”)
    • bandits (first two sessions)
    • svirfneblins


    • Evermeet
    • Candlekeep
    • Cormyr
    • Proskur
    • Valkyr’s Roar & its Temple of Helm
    • Athenaeum
    • Kyrathius Estate
    • Gnoll Pass
    • Netheril
    • Minroe
    • Temple Archeron
    • Eveningstar Manor
    • Farsea Swamps
    • unnamed villages on the way to Eveningstar


    • Archons
    • Archliches
    • Carrion Crawler
    • Thorsamsonns
    • Ghouls
    • Ogre
    • Bone Naga
    • Gorgon
    • Harpy
    • Yuan Ti


    • Viridiso Totem
    • Bandaerl’s Artefacts: sword, scrolls, archive
    • sigil (teleportation)
    • Emberstone
    • Bloodstone
    • Maps (of Cormyr, of Netheril)
    • Cargo (from original carriage)
    • Carriage (from Eveningstar Manor)
    • 450 AS: Worship of Viridiso is outlawed after authorities find a small child mutilated in the nearby forests of Skull Craig
    • The party is hired by an unknown client through Madislak Kao. At the time: Eric, Rudolfo, Raksheil, Ash, and Kerfan Tryx. They are asked to protect a horse & carriage.
    • Sergor & Sensal accompany Ash.
    • The party encounters bandits.
    • Rudolfo attempts to infiltrate them with mild success.
    • The party defeated the entirety of the bandits except for one, which ran.
    • One surviving member of the party was taken for interrogation.


    • Hyrsam recommends Wilhelm leave Evermeet for Candlekeep, which he did.
    • While investigating books and getting ready to travel, Candlekeep was raided by Archons. The members of Candlekeep fled.
    • Wilhelm found material related to the Archons in Candlekeep as well as descriptions of artefacts. These artefact descriptions matched up with the descriptions of the artefacts that the unnamed party were carrying across Cormyr from Proskur to Suzail.
    • Wilhelm made a necklace artefact to sense the presence of the Archons in the future.
    • Wilhelm was confused for a lagging member of the party and is told to meet up with the party to deliver to them the Trade Agreement they were missing.
    • Wilhelm met up with the party.
    • By this time, Kerfan went missing.
    • The remainder of the party interrogated their hostage before Graham killed him.
    • Wilhelm joined up and provides the trade agreement as his reason.
    • The party decides to camp for the night.
    • Wilhelm attempts to get the party to leave as his necklace is going off.
    • Bandits retrieved by the runaway from the previous battle show up. Among them is their chief as well as a total of 4 bandits, one of them being the runaway.
    • While Rudolfo uses his wiles to get out of conflict with the bandits, Archons show and a battle ensues.
    • Raksheil and Graham are downed.
    • Rudolfo neither attacks nor is attacked by the Archons, but attempts to retrieve the artefact for them.
    • The party miraculously survives at the expense of almost all of the bandits, who subsequently attempt to both retrieve payment for their “aid” and flee.
    • Basically all of the carriage contents are lost, although a magical sword is revealed inside and the scrolls that were the artefact Wilhelm had read about.
    • Party heads to Valkyr’s Roar.
    • Discovers the Athenaeum and search for information about Archons.
    • Discover information about Thorsamsonns, Bandaerl, and Archons.
    • Rudolfo attempts to steal the book about Thorsamsonns in the Athenaeum, which leads to Sensal’s dwarven mage friend Korbir Lighthammer becoming distrusting and kicking them out.
    • Archons approach as they are leaving.
    • The party holes up in the nearest holy site, a Temple of Helm, hoping to rest and avoid the fight.
    • Rudolfo steals the scrolls from beneath Graham’s breast plate and splits from the party, unbeknownst to them for a while.
    • The remainder of the party fled through the cellars.
    • They came across Ghouls feeding.
    • After dispatching the Ghouls, the party game across a drawing of Rudolfo pointing in one direction.
    • The party encountered a Goblin Boss and an Ogre, with whom the party diplomatically socialised, rather than fighting.
    • The party also realised the Archons bring storms with them, and that they wanted the scroll, in addition to realising the storm was still in and around the city instead of where the party believed Rudolfo had gone.
    • The party went back, heading into a hallway in the cellar escape route that led to the sewers of Valkyr’s Roar.
    • Arriving underneath the Athenaeum, the party was informed by Korbir that Sergor went missing as well; apparently he had died weeks prior.
    • Hearing from Madislak, who was there along with other hiding citizens, that Sergor headed for the Kyrathius Estate, they headed via sewer path to an opening closer to said area.
    • Upon arrival at the estate…
    • The storm was still brewing and the estate appeared to be largely abandoned but boarded.
    • The group entered the estate only to find loads of risen undead.
    • We headed down toward the basement only to find Sergor and other risen Kyrathians arguing with someone via a Viridiso totem.
    • Rudolfo then appeared through a portal and meddled by assaulting Sergor with a naga skull in his hand. With him was Gharong, a half-orc bandit who had been polymorphed into a horse to escape from prison and subsequently stolen by Rudolfo when Rudolfo fled. His other companion was Jacob, someone being attacked by ghouls.
    • A fight broke out and everyone witnessing joined in.
    • The group fled after the successful fight, quite a few injured, through a bramble gate, which was one of the ancient pathways created by Viridiso.
    • They climbed up an empty well and rested at the next nearest township, Minroe, deciding to attempt to return the found items to the Thorsamsonn.
    • The group poised themselves for the returning of the artefacts that they had: the archive, obtained by Raksheil from Sergor, and the scrolls that Rudolfo had all along.
    • The storm showed, and then the Archons, who hovered around Rudolfo.
    • As the essence of Bandaerl throughout each of the items (the sword he was slain with, the archive he always kept by his side, and the scroll whom he kept records of his life beyond death) dispersed his soul, he now reformed.
    • Thanking Rudolfo, he decided to grant them the items no longer bound as a sign of goodwill, but asked them to investigate why Sergor would actively seek out an archlich and attack, promising whatever that was left in the tomb Bandaerl was tasked to upkeep.
    • He also bartered to ask them to investigate why Sergor was taking the components across Cormyr to Gnoll Pass, promising the remainder of what was left in the vault of Malairbode.
    • Rudolfo made the deal with the archlich that they would investigate why Sergor tried to transport the phylacteries across Cormyr to Gnoll Pass.
    • The arch-lich signaled his acolyte to assist the group. Arriving upon Minroe a day later, he introduced himself as Anders, a war wizard from Magekeep. Figuring they could use someone who knew their way around Cormyr, he asked a friend of his, Milo, a reformed criminal to assist the party.
    • Wilhelm split off with Anders to go to Gnoll Pass in order to investigate the supposed drop point for the original cargo that the group had been accompanying. Splitting the party meant more information.
    • Anders gifts Wilhelm a blink dog puppy as a companion and familiar.
    • The drop point ended up being in contested territory, which was recently taken by Netheril forces (Gnoll Pass).
    • Upon arriving into the area with Wilhelm, Anders was requested to aid the war effort to take back the area. Anders told Wilhelm to go back to Temple Archeron. The sages there allowed Wilhelm to teleport via sigil to Minroe.
    • Asking around in Minroe, Wilhelm was told the group recently travelled through the mountain, and so set off to meet them on the other side.
    • Travelling to the Farsea Swamps, supposedly where the heart of Viridiso worship is rumoured to be held, the party comes across an isolated swamp village.
    • The villagers appeared to have been waiting for them, as they openly expressed their allegiance to Viridiso who was expecting them. Escorting the party to the entrance of Viridiso’s Den, it is revealed that Viridiso was in fact a coven of hags, who, in return for answers, asked them to chop down the tree in the village square.
    • Suspicious of their intent, Graham confronted the inn-keep whose inn was built directly atop the tree, who admitted that the tree itself was bewitched. Opening a cellar to the heart of the tree beneath, the party realises that Viridiso was supplanted many years ago by the witches, with the help of a spell caster of the name Tarzaron. The real Viridiso states that due to the corrupting magic of the hags, they have gradually eroded any thought of freewill amongst his former followers by proximity of the totems of his symbol, except for the inn-keep, who was free. Viridiso said that he could regain his power and usurp the hags if the curse that was bestowed to him was lifted by the one who gave it: Tarzaron.
    • The party decides to travel to Netheril to attempt to assist. Escaping through a tunnel dug by the inn-keep years ago, they travel to Eveningstar, the home of Graham’s family. On the way they encounter a Gorgon and flee, waiting out its leave. As well, Graham and Wilhelm offer to aid labourers building the villages on the way. The party meets Zook, who is also headed to Netheril. Finally in Eveningstar, they prepare and procure explosives.
    • The group explored the town. While Milo and Zook scheme about potentially robbing the magic store, Wilhelm has a genuine conversation with the owner, Basha, and they relate over being foreigners to the land. Basha mentions the concept of the Anshari to Wilhelm.
    • The town is later raided. Go figure, it’s by Anshari. Asked by Jolland Eveningstar, cousin of Graham, to help out in the town centre, the group goes to find about five Anshari surrounding a group of captives about to be loaded up into a
    The Tale of The fellowship (as told by Rudolfo) Part One
    Lost Souls Collect to Earn

    I will not bother writing dates upon my entries as time moves differently for each person. By the time you read this, it will all be lost to legend.

    Our journey begins, today, like all good stories; in a tavern. The jolly sounds of drunken revelry and lively music pour out of the inn’s open doors and poorly sealed windows. A dull glow from candle light makes it’s way through the dirty glass and softly illuminates the trees of the surrounding forest.

    There we find, me, our hero, Rudolfo the bard. Rudolfo the minstrel of legends. The weaver of fantasy and reality. The truth bringer and entertainer. Rudolfo, the half-elf with full charisma. The player of both lute strings and heart strings, with a voice that would make angels weep. That’s me.

    I sit upon a stump tuning my lute strings. I know they’re in tune, but I like to be certain. I wait patiently for the information on a job. It’s about time I attempted some honest work. I am joined by a rather motley crew of adventurers. None as dashing as me, of course.

    Among them are two human fighters who later identify themselves as Ash and Eric. Ash is quiet, and I someone mistake his mustache for the face of a beautiful young woman. I suspect magic is in play. Eric is a muscular man with defined features. He could break hearts if only he wasn’t so brash. Perhaps he’s better suited for breaking heads. A third human, Graham, reveals himself to be your typical holier-than-though cleric. He’s nice enough, but I wish he wasn’t so damned dogmatic.

    I had hoped to find more comradery in the high elf of our group, Raksheil. I quickly discover that this is not the case as the sorcery sees me as an abomination of sullied bloodlines. Maybe I am. Who’s to say. He has a silly way of talking and I like him.

    The final member of our group never fully set right with me. I am saddened to say that upon writing this, I have forgotten his name. He’s a large man, with little taste for nonsense. One with potential to create great stories if only he would lighten up.

    It doesn’t take long for us all to get the briefing on the job. Something about escorting a horse and getting paid. I’m certain the others understood it all. I’m really just here to do the talking.

    After listening to the job description I, followed by my new faithful companions, decide to have a night of revelry of our own within the tavern. Once inside, I graciously by the entire tavern a drink, like the upstanding gentleman I am. I play my lute for a while to find that I had indeed needed to tune it more. My take from that endeavor was only a few copper. Live and learn.

    I decide to offset my losses when I notice a young man with a glum face. Surely I can help him. I approach him to tell him the story of the great hero at the bar. Yes, I know, I don’t even recall the barbarian’s name. But this boy needed a hero, and I could provide. I traded an autograph to him for a mere two pieces of silver. This kid got the deal of a lifetime.

    His mother, however, did not agree. Whilst walking around, proud of making the young man’s night, I overheard yelling from the home he entered shortly after our more than fair deal. Apparently, he was supposed to be buying food with that money. Mothers. They never seem to understand the true value of a good autograph. I feel bad for the poor kid, having such a harpy as a matron. I knock on the door and have a rather heated exchange with the lovely older lady. She absolutely refuses to hear me out. My charm must intimidate her. I slide two gold coins under the door to pay her for her hospitality and return to the inn for the night.

    The next morning, I lead my band of merry adventurers on the first leg of our journey. We hitch up the horse and set off. Most party members walk next to the wagon. I, however, take it upon myself to perform the duty of riding inside the wagon to keep a close eye on the goods we are transporting.

    We travel for only a few hours before we’re stopped by a rather suspicious looking roadblock. We’re approached by the captain of the men who have the audacity to get in our way. I bravely volunteer to take on the role of mouthpiece for our group and confront him.

    I stretch the truth a tiny bit to prevent an examination of our goods. Having the crates disturbed will void our contract. I explain to him that we are the kings men, sent on a very important mission to the capital, and that if he and his men do not stand down at once there will be hell to pay. I can see how impressed he is as he raises a hand to signal to his men. Then my vision goes red.

    Once I recover, I notice the bloodstained arrow on the ground next to me. I feel my cheek, hurriedly. Just a scratch. Good. I’ll stay beautiful. The sound of clanging steel and flying bolts fills the air. I look around to see my companions boldly holding their own against hordes of bandits. There must be dozens of them. Maybe hundreds. But my friends do not falter. Eric and Ash fight back to back, bringing down wave after wave of these giant men. Graham shows off his mace and shield combo skills by throwing attackers through the air. The barbarian that shall not be named uses two bandits as shields of his own. Rakshiel creates an impressive light show as he furiously casts spells against the mongrels.

    Thinking quickly, I fashion myself an outfit similar enough to the attacking thieves to sneak behind their front lines. That’s when the tide begins to turn. The moment I turn to face the battle again I hear the defining cry of our Cleric hitting the ground. I consider running to Graham’s aid before I see Eric, the fighter, beating me to it. I approach one of the bandits that downed our comrade and prepare myself for a deathly blow upon his back. Sadly, however, my long-sword misses him and collides with the large rock next to us. My would-be victim turns at ones and gashes my chest open with his scimitar. graciously apologies for the misunderstanding and slip away. I notice Ash fall as I slink off to tend to my wounds.

    Most people see the corners of their eyes fading to black and assume the worst. Most people see themselves coughing up copious amounts of blood and see the end. Most people have their entire lives flash before their lives and resolve to sleep the final sleep. Most people are not Rudolfo the bard. I grasp my lute, struggle to my feet, and find it in me to play one final song. Right across the back of the nearest bandit’s head. The crack sound that rings out as the bandit’s head leaves his body is not beautiful. But no one will deny that it is music.

    Seeing me stand up to these beasts while on deaths doorstep must have inspired my own group because one by one, they each gained the advantage and defeated their foes. Those of us who could stand tended to the wounded, then we turned our gaze upon the one surviving bandit.

    Eric an Graham took charge of the interrogation. I’ve never been one for keeping a lad tied up against his will. A willing lady, however. That’s a different story.

    I didn’t hear the information given by the poor soul before Graham unceremoniously ended his life with one swift swing of his mace. I am a humble man. I will admit that seeing this did turn my stomach.

    Once the vomiting subsided I retook my place as keeper of the goods and we began to travel once more. Only after the tower of a man with no name wondered off alone into the woods Is this what I had signed up for? I see storm clouds in the distance. I am relieved to know that a little rain is the worst the future holds.

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